We are at war with Ukraine. For real." The one-time billionaire has called on Russians to go out on the streets to protest against the war.
The statement on his site reads:
“We are fighting with Ukraine. For real. We are sending our soldiers and equipment there. Ukrainians are fighting hard, but they’re being pushed back. The forces are obviously very uneven.
“Meanwhile, our government is continuously lying to us: in the 80s about Afghanistan, in the 90s about Chechnya, and today, about Ukraine.
“We know that. But we silently bury our co-workers, friends and relatives of yesterday, who are fighting on both sides, who are killing each other, not because they want to but because an aging leadership always wants blood. We keep our mouths shut and make like we believe this governmment.
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This looks like one of those situations where two angry people refuse to talk to each other and they have to do it through someone else even though they’re right next to each other.

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  • World: Why are you attacking Ukraine?
  • Putin: Wha... Oh, no those soldiers are just on vacation. Yes, vacation.
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CNN Be Like…


CNN Be Like…

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Map Posted on Twitter by Canada’s NATO Delegation with the caption “Geography can be tough. Here’s a guide for Russian soldiers who keep getting lost & ‘accidentally’ entering #Ukraine

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Obama blamed Russia for violence in Ukraine, though Republicans say he could have prevented it by invading every country on Earth.
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Anonymous said: You see the reason why us Americans expect you guys to care about shit that's happening in our country is because we always care and come to your guys' aid whenever you need it. Try to return the fucking favor for once?


Do you want to know who is partially responsible for wars in Middle East? Do you want to know who trained Al-Qaeda and gave them weapons? You know who gave weapons to most of the terrorists in Middle East? Do you know who we have to thanks for extremism in Middle East on so high level? America. Americans trained and gave weapons to Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda-like so they would fight russians. And when russians retreated they started to fight americans. What a surprise. People who makes decisions don’t understand culture they try to “help”. You think that when you will defeat one, two, three dictators in Middle East American democracy will prevail. Somebody who barely knows how to read Koran won’t magically think that woman is equal. 

And I’m sorry but for the record, USA didn’t win WW2. So please refrain from making yourselves seem like you’re all the time fighting for other countries. Somebody said in earlier ask that it’s not usa job to save everyone. It’s not. But USA acts like that. World was doing fine long long before USA came to life. 

And you what’s the real reason? That most of the americans don’t care about anything that isn’t america. 

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